As we get ready to launch, we’re going to limit vendor registration to invite-only. This approach ensures we can maintain the site’s integrity and performance from the outset. By limiting vendor access initially, we can better manage server loads, preventing crashes or slowdowns that could detract from the user experience.

Another reason for the invite-only setup is to keep out the scammers and spammers. We’re all about creating a safe and legit space for buying and selling gear. By inviting vendors, we can make sure everyone meets our standards and is here for the right reasons. This means you can shop without worrying about getting ripped off. Once we’ve got things running smoothly, we’ll open up to more vendors.

If you’re hyped to join us as a vendor, the best way to score an invite is to connect with someone who’s already in. Check out some listings, find a vendor you know, and hit them up on Instagram or Twitter for an invite code.

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