Infinite Armory passed a fun milestone this last week: it saw the first actual sales of a few listings happen on the platform! As exiting as that was, it was also a little problematic given there wasn’t actually a way to mark anything as sold. 😬

When you’re building something new, it’s all about prioritizing, and having a sold status was lower on the list than a few other features we’ve previously rolled out. But this presented the perfect opportunity to get it done.

On the surface it might seem a little trivial or silly. After all, what successful marketplace doesn’t have the ability to mark something as sold? However, it was important we did it right because it lays the groundwork for some much deeper functionality that’s in the works now.

Having sold listings archived on the site is also really important for checking the market price of an item. It can be incredibly helpful to look through past sales in order to understand the current market value and help you price it accordingly. We’ll be adding more features around this specifically in the future as well.

When you’re edit a listing, you’ll now see a new option in the top right to “Mark item as Sold”. Go list some gear, sell it, and give it a try!

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