Welcome to Infinite Armory, the best hub for your firearm, kit, and night vision needs. If you’re into this hobby as much as we are, you’ve found your new favorite place.

Let’s be real: buying, selling, and trading 2A-related gear on the internet has become increasingly a pain in the ass over the years. Whether it’s the frustrating user experience of 90s discussion forums, exorbitant fees from auction sites, or the social media overlords deleting our accounts on a whim, it’s clear we need a better place to trade freely.

Our aim is to be that place.

Whether you’re cloning your favorite service rifle from GWOT, building your Tarkov loadout IRL, upgrading your green nods to white phos, trying out your 34th hunting caliber that for sure will outperform the last one, or just need a gucci plate carrier for larping with the boys this weekend, you’ll find what you need right here, all from trusted sellers with good reps.

And if you’re like us, and are sitting on a hundred spare parts in your garage that somehow never managed to transform into another build, this is the place to turn those parts into cash or kit you’ll actually use.

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